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Our Services

Customs clearance
  • Classification of all types of goods and tariff impact studies.

  • Obtaining expert advice for IMMEX program.

  • Advisory and certification rule.


  • Eighth Rule.

  • Prior import permit.

  • Advice on obtaining regulatory and non-tariff .restrictions on the COFEPRIS and any other agency

  • Pedimento through integrated traffic system " SIT ".

  • Distribution , consolidation and de consolidation.

  • Advisory inventory control and proper implementation of Annex 24 .

  • Logistics service.

  • Warehousing, distribution, labeling and packaging in our warehouse.

  • Ground transportation from the border to anywhere in Mexico and abroad mainly USA .

  • Storage, care, custody and preservation of goods.

  • Maneuvers of receipt and delivery of goods

  • Query inventory in real time through our integrated traffic system " SIT " time.

  • 24 hours security and surveillance of the year 365 .

  • Coordination and scheduling of cargo services for collection or delivery of goods.

  • Parquet , parquet and dwelt des merchandise .

  • Packaging , re packaging and labeling of goods.

  • Classification of goods .

  • Quality control.

  • Flexible scheme according to their needs , without having to meet deadlines or be forced lease vacant space to cover contingencies , eliminating costs for recruitment.

  • Boxes 48 and 53 feet.

  • 3-ton trucks .

  • Estaquitas to provide services cross-border transfer.

  • Door to door service .

  • Regular anywhere in the republic load.

  • Transfer team .

  • Use foreign equipment .

  • Patio team .

  • Dry box and platform.

  • Torton truck 24 feet.

Custom broker

Custom Broker to obtain continuous bonds for import to the US consumer and temporary imports as well as the development of electronic services audited shippers and warehouse, CTPAT and authorization for shipments by multi -port system.

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