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Our Company

Our Company


The beginnings date back to July 1989 when our founder partner LCE Jesus Omar Gonzalez Longoria has the vision to start a company to meet the growing demand for foreign trade which began pujantemente because the talks that took place at that time to achieve a free trade agreement is now known as NAFTA. The company is established in the region of the two Laredos, currently covered by customs of Manzanillo, Guadalajara, Colombia, Mazatlan, Monterrey and Reynosa mainly. Getting a resounding success thanks to their dedication and effort in maintaining a standard of quality in the provision of customs and logistics services. In 2002 it ratifies our founding partner and broker substitute for patent 3502 to operate directly at the office of Nuevo Laredo Tamaulipas. Currently he is as American customs house agent (In House Broker). In the past 26 years the company has grown exponentially serving various industries such as manufacturing, automotive, medical and construction becoming primarily a one-man company to what is now more than 100 employees, establishing itself as a leader in the BOUQUET LOGISTICO-CUSTOMS and TRANSPORT.



  • Personalized and direct attention to always have accurate and effective information . 


  • Efficiency of both human and material resources to meet the needs of our customers as quickly as possible and at the lowest cost .


  • Man working shoulder with our customers by establishing an excellent communication with them.




  • Real commitment to our customers.


  • Honesty above all .


  • Overall integrity of our staff.


  • Solidarity and equity in our work.

Our commitment


  • Our commitment Providing excellence in service delivery.


  • Search the fulfillment of the goals of our customers.


  • Exhaust all possible means for the satisfaction and comfort of our customers.


  • CUSTOMS provide logistical and transport quality and service.

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